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MSNBC forced into apology tour after cringe-inducing ‘Cinco de Mayo’ bit


MSNBC forced into apology tour after cringe-inducing ‘Cinco de Mayo’ bit!/nefgarcia/status/463661047032086528

When MSNBC’s “Way Too Early” show decided to display its cultural sensitivity on Cinco De Mayo, it went full-on cringe-inducing. A sombrero-wearing producer paraded in front of the camera while shaking maracas and swilling tequila straight from the bottle. All of this above a chyron calling Cinco de Mayo a “Mexican Heritage Celebration.”!/reallyandrea/status/463792102174773248

It didn’t take long for the outrage machine to go to work:!/RebeccaAguilar/status/463691142697996288!/nateog/status/463545859141943296!/nateog/status/463542708905058305!/jtLOL/status/463354022158544897!/RyanBramhall1/status/463357947225989120!/xinemd/status/463366535818407936!/smoochacha/status/463356286583582720

Eventually, MSNBC had to issue an apology:!/WesleyLowery/status/463716569499975681!/ThomasARoberts/status/463718224216215552!/NBCLOU/status/463732881572265984


Now just imagine if Fox News anchors had done something similar. They’d have been tarred and feathered, fired, and exiled to a barren island in the middle of the Pacific. But as you well know, being liberal means you can get away with copy-and-paste excuses and a brief on-air apology no matter the offense.!/CalebHowe/status/463989006980505602

Sincere or not, there’s something incredibly delicious about every MSNBC apology tour.!/CalebHowe/status/463996016291631104


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