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So a Convicted Child Rapist Showed Up at a School. Here’s What He Did.


So a Convicted Child Rapist Showed Up at a School. Here’s What He Did.

When Carl Peterson and his family moved to Belmont, MA, he knew he would be facing judgment. 12 years ago, he raped his 14 year-old niece and served jail time for it. Now, he is just hoping that his family, including a 14 year old daughter of his own, won’t pay for the crimes he committed.

At a community meeting held at Belmont High in Massachusetts, he stood up in front of a hundred people and announced, “My name is Carl Peterson. I’m the level 3 sex offender all of you have been talking about.”

When Carl arrived, the town already knew that a sex offender would be in their midst. One woman cried, ‘I don’t want to hear this.’ Another exclaimed, ‘just go.’

Carl spoke at the town meeting, telling everyone of his crimes and letting them know what happened would never happen again. Discussion became heated as he explained he’s been in therapy for 8 years.

Parents worried for the safety of their children, as level 3 sex offenders are most likely to re-offend. However, Carl hoped to answer any and all questions that would help keep everyone safe.

Carl said all he wants to do is keep his own 14 year old daughter safe… but would you be able to trust him?


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